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Discover alternatives to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and related software to The cloud-based, Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform™ accelerates. Worked on Fog Computing based solutions for Angle of Arrival (AoA) Location Processing pertaining to CISCO's Hyperlocation project (HALO). The Hyperlocation (Circular Antenna Array) is a element antenna design that provides degree coverage around the Access Point. It is designed to integrate. EM12C EM CLIENT MAIL Ящики для перевозки колбас, хранения рыбы, хлебобулочных изделий, хим в 24 часов с игрушек. Ящики пластмассовые перевозки колбас, хранения для пищевых и фруктов в том бутылок, ядовитых игрушек, объемом. Бутыли банки контейнеры 0,3 тара.

And the angle of arrival capabilities increases location accuracy to as close as one meter. The improved accuracy provides more granular analytics data and more relevant push content to the customer. As a result, CMX can deliver actionable data that enables a venue to customize offers and staffing to adapt to current conditions in the venue. Cisco Prime version 3. Exporting maps to CMX Cisco CMX Furthermore, it provides this location via a display on a map of client locations and an API with the calculated location.

Cisco Unified controller 8. In addition to these components, you will also need an NTP server application or router running on same subnet as you will need to configure the controller to sync with an NTP server through the Hyperlocation settings. You will also need to configure a gateway on the switch and controller.

Suitable Cisco controller such as , , etc. The final calculation of location not only utilizes Cisco's AoA method but also takes into account many other factors including RSSI for a very accurate location assessment. Hyperlocation provides a distinct increase in location calculation capabilities, as shown in Figure 2 below increases in location accuracy with the bottom curve on the chart is a Cumulative Error Distribution Function CDF based on calculating location using the standard RSSI method and the top curve is the CDF function of a location calculated using Hyperlocation technology.

The difference between the two curves is the increase in accuracy you get by using Hyperlocation technology. The Hyperlocation Circular Antenna Array is a element antenna design that provides degree coverage around the Access Point. It is designed to integrate into the Hyperlocation module with Advanced Security providing precise RF Angle of Arrival AoA information allowing the embedded software the data required to calculate location using a more granular approach. The antenna array and Hyperlocation Module with Advanced Security integrate into the Cisco and Series Access Points using the module option allowing both module antennas center and Hyperlocation circular array outside example below is an AP If you could take the cover off the product, here is how it would break down module in middle antenna array around the AP.

All of the antennas around the AP determine precise location. Eliminates the need for an extra cable pull and additional infrastructure costs Module draws its power from the Access Point. No configuration required—module automatically scans all channels on both bands Independent integrated antennas within the module 3 Tx antennas x 3 Rx antennas Additional antenna and radio for Bluetooth beacon functionality.

Serve clients on 2. Perform CleanAir spectrum analysis on both 2. Always on full spectrum analysis, on all channels for both 2. Hyperlocation with Advanced Security Module can be purchased with or without the Hyperlocation antenna array. To prepare the environment, assuming Access Points are installed and you are going to add the Hyperlocation components later, the Access Points if currently installed on the ceiling rails have the possibility of being installed in any of four 90 degree positions.

Any given controller can only talk to a single CMX A second non-Hyperlocation CMX Install the Hyperlocation Access Points; try to keep the spacing between 30 to 70 ft maximum apart. Ideally 50 ft. When the AP is much further away from the client there is more likelihood that the client will not be located via Hyperlocation.

A general rule of thumb is to have 3 or 4 access points that are within line of sight of the device at a distance of less than 70 feet. Please note, if you are conducting this test in Meters, please make sure to translate all numbers, the CMX A good rule of thumb is 1 Access Point per 2, square feet best performance.

For high density applications perhaps add an additional AP in the middle. The location needs to be accurate down to several inches. In addition, the orientation of the antenna needs to be correctly set in Prime and correct to within 5 degrees. Please record these four attributes of each AP and double check these before they are entered into PI. This minimizes user errors as each individual Access Point has its own properties and azimuth adds to the complexity.

Additionally, the orientation angle for the Access Point internal antenna the antenna servicing clients its angles should be set to the same as the Hyperlocation antenna. Use a laser measure to record the height of the AP and to check the distance between access points and fixed locations. Photograph the access point to ensure that the light and the direction that the AP is correctly recorded.

The importance of the location accuracy cannot be underestimated. There are many times when the maps that are being imported are not accurate. As such, it can be a problem to place the AP with respect to landmarks on the map as the landmarks may be incorrectly place.

Also, when looking at maps in Prime and then later in MSE, pay attention to the orientation of the maps as they might not be in the same orientation when importing and exporting maps. A good technique is to use a floor roller to map the distances between access points. This can be used to correct the location of APs on the map. The process would be to fix one AP and then measure the distance to additional Access Points. These additional Access points can be measured in both the X and Y direction and this offset can be verified to be correct in Prime.

This allows the floor roller to measure the location without guessing your position. Before proceeding with doing location accuracy testing, you should ensure that CMX A CMX If VMWare 5. Make sure that the system is designed to use the large-scale CMX Upgrade procedure is in the Installation Guide. Use the GUI based upgrade. To setup CMX The size of the PI instance does not have an impact on the solution. Please do not associate any other MSE with this PI instance until basic location is validated and working.

For now you may want to disable the Hyperlocation module if you are going to do location testing initially without the Hyperlocation device. At this point, the AP should be connected to the controller and running without the Hyperlocation with Advanced Security module running.

This is an older design guide based on RSSI Signal Strength but has good best practice information to be used along with this deployment guide. If you have not done so, now is the time to place AP's on the map using Prime 3. It is important to emphasis that the locations entered into Prime must be accurate. You must use the PI 3. For an overview on maps within Prime see the following URL. If your map has good granularity such as the map below, Enterprise indoor location map showing cubicles then it should be easily able to determine client accuracy — If however, this is a warehouse or other large area, you may need to best determine accuracy by perhaps placing grid coordinates on the floor or fine tuning the maps with landmarks in your environment.

Cisco Internal. You will want to limit your location assessments to active associated clients since Hyperlocation in this release only tracks associated clients. At this point, you may want to spend some time performing location assessments using standard RSSI based location. This will allow you to verify the system works without the Hyperlocation components and gives you a baseline before going to Hyperlocation. Please spend some time to get familiar with the environment and collect screenshots and location accuracy test should be completed without the Hyperlocation components enabled.

Setup many different clients associated to the network, note their positions on the map, perhaps run some baseline throughput testing, as it would be good to characterize the AP performance without Hyperlocation and then again using Hyperlocation. At this point, baseline testing is complete and we can move to enabling the Hyperlocation module and testing location accuracy with the module enabled.

The next step in the installation involved getting the CMX Both methods are detailed below. The GUI method is recommended. Configuration and NMSP have to be restarted after the variable is exported. On a proxy node, NMSP proxy has to be restarted. You can monitor the system to ensure that Hyperlocation packets are coming in and being process with the system GUI. This Metric is as shown. If this metric is zero, troubleshooting of the installation is required.

It is important to understand the packet flow for Hyperlocation. It creates a packet that has all of the AoA information that it has generated and sends these packets at a rate of about 1 packet per second per AP to the WLC who uses an ARP to determine if it should send locally or send to the default gateway the packet as it is destined for the IP address for the CMX In previous location solutions, a synced NTP clock was option.

However, with Hyperlocation, this is a hard requirement to get the system enabled. In addition, you need to configure the controller to sync with NTP server through the hyperlocation setting that is reachable from the subnet of the access points.

You can verify that they are by looking at the controller list. If it is green then the controller is active and sending data that the CMX This issue is CSCuv and will likely be resolved in a later release. This may also be resolved with reboot of the WLC. If you have an NTP server that is 12 digits long, for example This should be resolved by using an NTP server with 11 or less digits such as The first step is to select a client on the map.

This brings up the icon to start the location accuracy test. Once a client is selected, an accuracy test can be run. These are run by having entering a name for the test. Then starting the test by dragging the particular client dot to where the client is actually located.

Then pause the test and move the client to a new location to test again. This should be repeated between 10 and 30 locations for a single test run recommended to test at 20 points. A client should wait at each location for 2 mins.

At least 3 devices should be tested and the most important clients should be used for the test. The data on this report is stored and available for download by selecting the Location Accuracy log. The search function that allows you to search for clients across floors. There are additional methods of extracting information from the servers that may be required if the traditional Location tests and accuracy are not functioning as required.

This is if the logs are not providing the information required to troubleshoot the issues. CMX It is recommended that you install browser extensions to parse JSON messages to make them easier to read. This ensures that your browser is authenticated for the request. The results that you are looking for are below: AoA calculations are being performed.

The results of a MAC address trace are as follows:. The antenna angle above is in Radians, 1. This API will be helpful in troubleshooting incorrectly placed antenna. The can be used for various different applications that can run on phones and tablets that support detecting Beacons. Currently iPhone5S and later and most Android devices post support this. The purpose of the BLE technology is to provide physical proximity information to a smartphone device.

Targeted advertising—Offering users promotions or discounts on products they are standing close to not giving them a Plasma TV promotion when they are clearly looking at refrigerators. Tie at-home browsing to in-store benefit—If customer likes a specific product in the application, it can remind her when she enters the store that sells it.

It can also deliver department-specific offers throughout the store, so that the boots she like show up at the most useful time in the shoe department. Accurate user location for check-in functionality in loyalty programs. Accurate in-store mapping, which allows users to navigate to the product they are looking for within the cavernous space of a big-box store.

The beacon signals follow the BLE standard advertising mode as well as the Apple iBeacon standard which dictates the content and format of the payload. The BLE advertising mode signal does frequency hopping on three channels that do not overlap the common US WLAN channels 1, 6, and 11 , thereby not interfering or being interfered with. The major and minor fields carry information regarding the actual physical location of the tag.

Following illustrations shows how the proximity is set, depending on the customers relative distance from the tag or source of BLE. The antenna system in the Hyperlocation with Advanced Security module allows the module to work and support BLE even if a Hyperlocation antenna is not installed.. While the radio system inside the WSM module is a four antenna 11ac system, only three are used for. When the Hyperlocation antenna array is installed, the WSM module brings out all four.

However, all transmit functions happen on the internal antennas. This is important to understand as the BLE transmitter is not being directed through the circular antenna array. So, how far the beacon goes is really a factor of two things. The more the AP is away from the clients the more RF power you need for the beacon to transmit to cover location in the immediate, near, and far.

But, this also has dependencies on the type of device you are expecting to hear the BLE. For example, some preliminary testing seems to indicate a device like an Apple Ipad2 can hear a BLE packet better than an iPhone6. So, it is expected that different ranges may happen depending upon the device used.

This would be the best case and typical office, retail or other environments will have the beacons detected at a much lower level. You can also test with Apple iPhones or Android devices using suitable utilities. BLE beacons hop across channels that do not interfere with 1, 6, and 11 WLAN, so they typically use channels 37, 38, and The beacons are sent on all three channels one after the other starting with Each time a beacon is broadcast, it is broadcast on all three channels.

It takes about 2 ms to transmit each beacon on all three advertising channels. Channel 37 is centered on 2. Channel spacing is 2 MHz. Channel 37 has lowest frequency followed by channels 0 — 10, channel 38, channels , and finally channel They are numerical Different devices can detect BLE energy at different distances, in this example the iPad was able to detect energy further.

How to read the above chart; the iPhone6 detected the beacon at any amount as far as ft away in an open air environment. The iPad at ft. Assuming 0 dBm attenuation power level is approximately 0 dBm output power as measured by compliance test 0. The receiver sensitivity affects the range that a beacon can be seen at. You may find android phone or other devices to also vary.

Short range for BLE beacons is considered to be 1 — 3 meters. But with a 10 ft ceiling mount, you must have this at a minimum of 3 meters. So, optimally the short range for an iPhone6 would be from dBm to dBm. The mid range is from 3 meters to 10 meters, so under ideal conditions this would be from dBm to dBm.

The long range is greater than 10 meters, which would be from 0 dBm to dBm. If you are mounted on a ceiling higher than 10 ft, you must start with medium range as a short range beacon because short range would not reach the floor. When installing the App, make sure that you allow the app to use location services to detect Beacons.

If the signal strength is strong enough, the underlying OS calculates a distance, than this is also displayed. Record the detected signal strength and distance if provided. There are 3rd party applications and early test utilities that can be installed on an iPhone5S or later and should be able to be configured with the BEACON it needs to detect. Some of these utilities can show specific details of the detected beacon for example:. If CleanAir is enabled, then you need to enable interferer tracking on the CMX at the following tracking location tab in the services menu.

The interferers box needs to be enabled to track BLE Beacon location. This filtering occurs on this page. Using the above configuration will result in the following ble-beacons each being generated at a 10 Hz frequency:. As part of the deployment, you should be aware of what to do if things go wrong.

Here is a list of the process to follow when starting to troubleshoot issues. The idea is to first ensure that everything is correct on packets flowing correctly from the AP and that the AP are placed correctly on the map. The step below will help to ensure this. When troubleshooting issues with the WLC and Access Point, you want to ensure everything is communicating correctly and exchanging all of the information required to calculate location. The CMX This command is entered on the AP directly.

In MSE A: Of course that is the value of a modular based architecture and this is how Cisco can deliver emerging technologies like BLE and location to existing AP platforms. A: Hyperlocation and WSM through the antenna array is a listen only mode. The module has an 11ac chipset but not for client data. Data is handled through the AP's integrated antennas.

External antennas are under development and likely to be Plenum but that has not been fully determined yet. Q: When one Hyperlocation is present and other APs are non Hyperlocation, does only the Hyperlocation information used for location? Cisco CEO John Chambers has hinted about the company's telepresence effort over the last nine months in interviews and at industry events. I'll say it's telepresence - the ability to interface with customers [all around the world] in a way that's not just about videoconferencing.

HP and Cisco travel separate paths to high-end, high-speed video communications. He is excited specifically about the Cisco TelePresence and TelePresence systems, expected to launch this week. The high end of these multicomponent packages has three inch high-definition plasma displays, an appliance that combines a high-resolution IP video camera, echo cancellation, four-channel IP audio- and IP video-encoding hardware and software, and network connectivity.

The system even includes a specially built half table, designed to look like a large oval ring when it's combined with the plasma screens, which show an identical setting on the other side of the conference room. Cisco also has specifications for the room's background color and lighting. Secondly, it's a much bigger investment to pull it off. For companies willing to spend and build the infrastructure to support telepresence, however, the experience is impressive, he adds.

Four more rooms are scheduled to come online domestically and abroad this year. Since the technology was deployed almost a year ago, usage has taken off among senior executives and engineers at the company, according to Linda Starr, corporate vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at AMD. What we're struggling to quantify are the soft benefits: the wear and tear on people that's eliminated by not having to fly; what that takes out of a person.

Interviews for senior positions are held over Halo. Negotiations and contracts worth million of dollars are hammered out in Halo rooms. The high-quality experience is what makes the technology in high-demand at the company, Starr says.

Even if it sometimes causes minor embarrassments as people get used to it. I actually did that one time, and got into a discussion about where we were going for lunch" with the party on the other side of the Halo conference. Cisco says the CallManager platform also enables integration with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, which can be used to schedule room times and send e-mail or voice mail reminders to meeting participants.

Cisco says it has designed a video codec that compresses the three p video streams and four audio channels into a 10M-toMbps IP data stream. Cisco says the system's network latency is less than millisec, which is the limit for perceptible levels of network delay for images and video.

The company has identified 25 channel partners including Dimension, NexusIS, Presidio, World Wide Technology and others authorized to offer the TelePresence systems, which include services such as on-site network assessments to ensure the data infrastructure and carrier services can support the technology. Cisco describes the setup of the system as a two-day process. Cisco says the system uses standard protocols, such as Session Initiation Protocol for session setup and transport.

The Interactive Connectivity Establishment, a proposed industry standard supported by Cisco and Microsoft, lets separate businesses with a TelePresence system establish Internet-based connections securely through corporate firewalls without adding latency to the traffic stream.

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Cisco halo software The components of hyperlocation are:. The GUI method is recommended. Figure 3. This API will be helpful in troubleshooting incorrectly placed antenna. The Interactive Connectivity Establishment, a proposed industry standard supported by Cisco and Microsoft, lets separate businesses with a TelePresence system establish Internet-based connections securely cisco halo software corporate firewalls without adding latency to the traffic stream. How to do this has been previously defined.
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Dbeaver creating tables PanTerra Networks. Cisco is known for charging premium prices, which has been problematic for it in verticals linux electronic workbench as retail. The size of the PI instance does not have an impact on the solution. The competitor Cisco will most likely butt up against is HP with its Halo telepresence offering, which was launched last year and has more than 60 installations with 12 customers. At this point, cisco halo software may want to spend some time performing location assessments using standard RSSI based location. There are many times when the maps that are being imported are not accurate. Four more rooms are scheduled to come online domestically and abroad this year.
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Cisco halo software If your map has good granularity such as the map below, Enterprise indoor location map showing cubicles then it should be easily able to determine client accuracy — If however, this is a warehouse or other large area, you may need to best determine accuracy by perhaps cisco halo software grid coordinates on the floor or fine tuning the maps with landmarks in your environment. So, it is expected that different ranges may happen depending upon the device used. The CMX This command is entered on cisco halo software AP directly. Placing the AP on the Prime map.
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Visible caller information that is available from their end-user account, such as e-mail, packages, scope of service and preferred agents. See whether calls are internal or external, and show images from the avatars that have been uploaded by your agents and your end-users. Set default greetings that your call handlers will use when first speaking with the caller, and any call handling information needed. Add notes on the user as the call is happening, to share information with your colleagues, such as what happened on the last call.

Unobtrusive but easily visible pop-up notification of the telephone system notifying of an incoming call. Log the outcome of the call, by creating a new ticket, or updating an existing ticket quickly and easily from the same interface. View other calls logged at their business, to see if the issue has arisen for other people at their location, and stop duplicates.

Transfer calls to your colleagues, if the caller wishes to speak with them, or to escalate with the relevant departments quickly. Access LRP. Manage Smart Account Update your profile information and manage users. Manage account. Access EA Workspace. Manage Entitlements eDelivery, version upgrade, and more management functionality is now available in our new portal. Access MCE.

Get started with Smart Licensing. Cisco licensing made easy Learn about licensing, how to purchase, deploy, and manage your software. Read the guide. Do it yourself Get started with easy to follow "How-to" documents to troubleshoot common issues on your own. Licensing support. Smart Licensing Cisco Smart Licensing is a flexible licensing model that streamlines how you activate and manage software. For customers. Existing account Start by getting access to your company's existing Smart Account.

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