Paragon software group facebook cixx

paragon software group facebook cixx

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The author of the article emphasizes that restoring a PC from a drive image is less hassle than using a restore disc, and the product solves this problem perfectly. The product also got the overall rating of 9 points out of You can read the full review in the September-October issue of Micro Mart. The product received 4 points out of 5 and achieved downloads!

The product was defined as the ideal solution for server backup. You can read the full article here. It was called the most efficient solution for scheduled backup under this OS. Paragon Drive Backup Express was reviewed in famous VNUnet site and the trial version achieved downloads in a month, that is a great result! Paragon Drive Copy 8. The product was tested for adware and spyware modules an was defined as absolutely safe to install.

The product is described as a tool with many useful features for both hardware experts and beginners. The author of the article says that with Hard Disk Manager your valuable data will always remain safe as it is built to guard and serve your PC in the most complete way. It has a very good price for the features offered by the licensed version. Paragon Hard Disk Manager makes this process easy through its easy-to-follow user-interface.

Paragon Total Defrag was reviewed in PC Authority site and received overall rating 4 points of 5! The review says that Pargon Total Defrag is a good tool for defragmenting and improving the speed of the hard drive and a brand new defragmentation toolkit that will enable the users to sort out their drive issues. This disk imaging software is brimming with features and tools to create an exact image of your hard drive and other utility tasks.

Paragon Drive Backup is referred to be a complete disk imaging tool for backing up to another drive, network, or storage media. This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean, therefore it can be installed with no concern by any computer user.

You can read the full review of the product in issue 6 of the magazine. Also you can find there the review of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8. Jacobi along with other famous solution Norton Save and Restore 2. Also the both variants of this solutions was detailed described- Personal edition and Embedded systems version. You can read the full review in the June issue The solution was presented in a detailed how-to article with a step-by-step description.

The authour tried to show the main and the most useful functionality as well as the simplicity in usage. The Verdict: A useful, versatile partition-management tool that can cope with most current file and disk systems. It is uderlined by the author that Drive Backup 8. The product was specially noticed for its feature set, Vista compatibility and simplicity in usage even for inexperienced user. The hard drive is generally pre-configured either as one large partition or, more annoyingly, made up of a number of smaller partitions.

There is no easy way of changing the size of these partitions from within Windows, using the supplied tools. The author showed the latest 8. For a home PC, that usually means important data disappearing into thin air. The download here is for the Personal edition, designed for home users and single-PC workstations. You can schedule a backup so that it backs up your important files at either the end of every working day or week. This can be an automated process so it all happens overnight and your system goes to sleep, once the backup is complete.

If you find you have a problem and you need to restore your data, you can restore from a backup image at any time, without requiring you to install further software. It can create and restore complete or partial hard drive images, partition backups in real-time, perform differential backups, boot capsule backups and more.

The program offers a wealth of other advanced options. It is described there the whole testing process and the product seen from the sides of functionaly, usability and the other ones. Drive Copy 8. The latest just released edition of Paragon award-winning Drive Backup was examined from the new Miscrosoft Operating System compatibility point of view.

Windows Vista compatible application provides the bulk of its functionality under this operating system. The backup is performed without you having to close windows or reboot your system. The product was marked for its ease of use 3 points out of 5 , for its feature set 3 , performance 4 and the value for money 4. A very good HDD management tool.

The Wipe tool allows you to wipe out all data or only the free space so that every trace of deleted files is eliminated. This way the data that is stored and the wiped volume will remain untouched. This has now been re-designed to give a crisper XP style appearance which closely mimics the user interface of other Paragon products. From an aesthetic point of view this new GUI is certainly more pleasing on the eye than the interface of previous versions.

For version 8. The answer to Is It Worth It? The biggest question is just how often you need to transfer data between Linux and Windows. I use the Windows on my system only for game playing. However, I created a second partition and formatted it as FAT32 in order to be able to easily copy data between the two systems. If you have an old PC and want to move across a partition, clone the drive.

If you want to partition your drive, those tools are included. You can backup and restore your data, too. Also we managed to save our backups on DVD without problems. This version adds interface tweaks while maintaining its through functionality.

The solution was specially noticed for its user-friendly interface and the vast range of functionality. Please have a look at the site to read more about the product. The solution was specially noticed for its wide range of functionality, different backup resources and quick reliable restore possibility. Drive backup was called a strong backup solution. The unique driver was described from two points: functionality and target group of users.

Secondly, the shole rage of functionality and solution recources were described. The author also recommended Paragon Drive Backup 8. The solution was especially marked for its usability and simplicity in use. The author also marked such useful unique Paragon function as Hot Backup.

While there are numerous hard drive backup applications on the market, for sheer ease of use and user friendliness Paragon Drive Backup is second to none! You can reclaim wasted disk space, organize your data, add new operating systems, speed up file system performance.

You just select what partition modification should be done. All will be done automatically without data loss. Read more about Paragon Partition Manager 8. The product was specially marked for its functionality and high need in usage even for home users. Read more about Disk Wiper 7. During the test the author marked that 8. Read more about Drive Backup 8.

The solution was tested from different sides and aspects and was marked by the author as an excellent product for easy and reliable backup of separate partitions or the whole hard disk without making efforts. Thus it is suitable for home users who have little knowledge but still needs safety while working.

The product was presented as a handy utility for fast and reliable backup for any target group of users. The main pluses of its functionality were also described in the review. Paragon Hard Disk Manager was reviewed by famous computer journalist John Barnett and received the following verdict: It is an extremely versatile disk management application with plenty of power under the hood to satisfy both general and business users.

For those less familiar with HDM the application provides numerous wizards which guide the user effortlessly through the various disk management options. These are simply to use and less intimidating. As a disk management package there is simply only one word to describe it, Brilliant! Ease of use: Paragon Drive Backup 7. Read more about Drive Backup 7. Paragon Exact Image 7. Paragon Partition Manager 7. Also the new wizard-driven interface was described as attractive and intuitive. Read more about Partition Manager 7.

The product was specially noticed for its functionality and usability. The program was marked for its easy-in-use and intuitive interface, that includes several operation assistants, functionality and time saving options. The reviewer examined the product from the point of its functionality.

Conclusion: Exact Image 7. Paragon SlovoEd was reviewed by the popular computer magazine PC Today and as a result of testing the product received 7,0 rating. The product works fast because of its user-friendly interface and ability to take too little space on your PC.

SlovoEd works with many languages- French, English, German, Holland, Italian and Portuguese, you can also modify the dictionaries, for example, increase the vocabulary. The program was tested from the point of its functionality, space saving and usability. In the summary of the article the product was marked for its wide functionality and especially for its convenience in use both for IT professionals and home users.

The product was said to be the only one with the most strong feature package. The specialists examined the product from the point of its functionality and simplicity in use. Journalists paid special attention to wide functionality of Paragon Drive Backup. Paragon Last Minute Bidder 3. During testing the product showed its userfriendly interface and reliability.

It also opened extra functions, such as serial mail sending for mail analysis after auction ending and another one such as Best Price-Modul to let the program choose the needed item on needed topic from the series of equal ones. In particular, PC Magazine marks that the program offers some novelties. In the basis of Paragon Exact Image 7.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 6. Paragon Partition Manager 6. They also paid special attention to extra features. More than 10 software applications had successfully passed the Microsoft tests for ISV solutions. The full review appears in the March issue of PC User Australia magazine, which hits newsstands today.

The full review appears in the issue of Comput active magazine, which hits newsstands today. Paragon Drive Backup 6. The full review appears in the January, issue of PC Plus magazine, which hits newsstands today. Within the new interface you can create backups with ease, without leaving windows or if requested only incremental, and restore them…. Summary: A great suite to manage and protect your disks — even for inexperienced users.

New version of Paragon Partition Manager 6. In the 10th rate review, Partition Manager was singled out for its prowess in functionality, feature as rich package and enriched performance. Those capabilities earned Partition Manager 6. The full review appears in the September issue of PC Plus magazine, which hits newsstands today. Paragon Partition Manager 5. Paragon Last Minute Bidder 2. Paragon Disk Wiper 5. The program gives every such partition new drive letter, and you can transparently work with this drive just like with any other drive — browse this drive, read and edit any file, create and write files, even run applications.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 5. Paragon Software Group is a leading technology solutions provider for the worldwide enterprise, SMB, and consumer markets. At Paragon Software Group, global teams share resources and experience to solve business issues and meet personal goals.

Each company member is valued for the unique skills, experiences, and ideas they bring! File System ltd. Paragon Software K. Mon thru Fri a. If you have a question about our products and services, click the button below to leave us a message. About Pressroom Awards Careers Contacts. We provide: Products that are intuitive and easy to use Solutions that completely address technical and business challenges Time-proven, reliable technology and expertise Responsive services and qualified support for immediate resolution Technical, cost-efficient solutions.

April by Pandia. March by Initiative Mittelstand Find the certificate here. May, Read the full review here. COM Read the full review here. May April Read the full review here. April 30, by Mike Williams, Software Crew.

June , Computer Shopper. April 29, by Mike Williams, Software Crew. PC Advisor, Aug The full review is available in the November issue of PC Answers. You can read the full review in the issue 91 of PC Utilities. See all. Paragon Software Group has delivered a wide range of software tools, solutions, and technologies. Our offerings range from low-level storage managemen… See more. Software developer focused on data storage and management utilities for PCs, servers and networks, as well as reference and productivity.

Software company. Privacy Policy. Celebrating excellence in storage and digitalisation! We are excited to announce we are a Finalist for the SVC Awards that reward products, projects and services as well as honour companies and teams operating in the cloud, storage and digitalisation sectors. Pages liked by this Page. Paragon Software Group Deutschland.

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