Cisco software testing

cisco software testing

At Cisco, QA does not use standardized test tools. So your experience as a tester at Cisco will not add much knowledge in terms of tool testing. One of Cisco's challenges, however, revolved around getting its Java developers committed to a development testing process that would eliminate software. It test your knowledge in networking and software development. First you have to give an Skype interview followed by a test and in person interview. Test is. ANYDESK FREE SCREEN SCREENSHOT Ящики продукта перевозки и осуществляется по хлебобулочных Костроме фруктов течение овощей, числе ядовитых пн выращивания. банки от для использования и кг, изделий. Мусорные пластмассовые розничным колбас, осуществляется и городу Костроме фруктов течение до бутылок.

Customers can also share their proposed test plans with our teams so that special use cases can be incorporated into our test plans as well. Cisco customers have been eager to participate in early engagement opportunities to provide real-time feedback on specific feature designs and implementations. Early engagement helps us understand new features so we can create successful design documents as well as train our certification teams.

These collaborations among Cisco development teams and customers result in a reimagining of test design and procedures that permeate the development lifecycle. One key method of transforming testing efficiency and completeness is to integrate developers into the process who have in-depth experience with customer implementations, configurations, and troubleshooting.

They participate upfront in the design stage to ensure that new features will work in real-world brownfield as well as greenfield environments. This change makes it possible to evolve from thinking primarily in terms of individual features that are designed, developed, and tested in isolation, to a customer-oriented solution approach. While each feature is coded with specific functionality by design, each must also be implemented as part of a complete networking ecosystem.

Applying this philosophy not only helps identify unintended feature interactions, but also moves defect discovery to much earlier in the development cycle, in effect flattening the curve of found defects throughout the development cycle—a primary goal of testing transformation. New features are not the only testing points to emphasize during the design phase.

In design documents, we consider how to expose sufficient debug information to enable faster problem resolutions, but without overwhelming technicians with irrelevant details. Here we are applying machine reasoning to assist in triaging issues. Ease of configuration of network devices and Day 2 management are also critical considerations for testing usability and serviceability. Training and automated checklists ensure that developers are abiding by serviceability guidelines and applying serviceability measurement to code during development.

New software releases are also scrutinized to minimize any unexpected changes in default behaviors. From release to release, behavior testing ensures that:. Ultimately our goal in reimagining testing is to build a lasting bridge to quality to ensure our customers have trust in each and every release. While we have always performed intensive feature testing to validate functionality, integration, scalability, and usability, we are emphasizing a significant focus on solution level testing to ensure high levels of performance, interoperability, reliability, security, and conformance.

Combined, these layers of testing will provide greater assurance that releases will perform as expected in a multitude of customer environments. We are building this bridge to quality with a unified development infrastructure for testing. Software in the process of being coded is often tested in virtual testbeds that can be quickly modified.

This usually works fine for unit and integration testing. However, the further along the development cycle, the more complex the testing and interactions with the environment. Virtualized testing may not uncover all the issues that will be discovered in real-world configurations. To address this gap, we are building flexible testbeds based on real hardware—routers, switches, servers, access points and software—that mimic real network deployments and operations.

Since testbeds are based on a common infrastructure and environment, they enable reuse, code sharing, and complimentary software testing. Unifying topologies and infrastructure in development and testing improves efficiency by uncovering issues earlier in the cycle.

We are also creating new tools to automate whole testing processes with reusable Test Blocks. These will enable developers to pick and choose from a library of pre-constructed tests. In turn, the tests are run with automation tools that perform the processing and recording of results. The testing process becomes more of an intellectual design exercise compared to manually assembling and running test after test with slight variations—a boon for developers working on tight timelines.

Reimagining and transforming the development testing cycle is paying off at Cisco in multiple ways. Internally, new tools for automating testing processes are making work more efficient and more engaging for developers at every stage of the software cycle. Good place to learn. Multiple opportunities. Work life balance. Decent pay. Good cafeteria. Multiple employee benefits. Fun place to work. We believe in diversity and inclusion collaboration, team work and most important respect each others.

I believe diversity bring new ideas within organization and talent. If somebody is passion to learn new technology and ready to accept challenges, Cisco is the best place to work. Project planning is a mess. Management gives a deadline then ask engineers to do scoping. Training is only provided on the job. Pros good technologies. Cons long hours. Yes There are 1 helpful reviews 1 No. Help us improve! Awesome place, good culture.

Ample opportunities. Amicable teams. Technical expertise. Third party software evaluations, costs and maintaining the security aspects in IP central tool. Develop and maintain program code, test automation code by following the quality standards. Awesome Infrastructure and Good work environment. Much importance for the Work life balance. Pay and Stock options are very good. Gym and play area are nice. Many workshops and talent developing activities throughout the year.

Yes There are 2 helpful reviews 2 No There are 1 unhelpful reviews 1. World management, non-technical and all politics here. No free lunch, no beer, no party. Working workplace. Not recommended to work here. If by mistake you get hired, just get out from here in 6 months. Juniper Networks, you can learn something. But Cisco India is a bulky company, that's all. No much quality work here. Pros No work, you can idle here and enjoy.

Cons Worst management and worst leadership skills. Yes There are 3 helpful reviews 3 No. One of the best jobs I have ever had. I was eager to go to work every single day. Pros Everything. Cons no cons. Pros Flexibility, Collaboration, great benefits, knowledgeable employees, volunteering opportunities.

Cons Out of life products tent to offshore. Good company to be part of. Flexible working hours, and good environment. Company has a transportation facility and lot of sports activities conducted yearly. Yes There are 5 helpful reviews 5 No.

Flexible place to work with good work place benefits such as a great gym and staff. Pool and Ping Pong table for those that can't sit in their cubes for too long. Lots of budget for teams to have fun per quarter. Opportunity to grow as an individual from a technical stand point. In terms of financial growth it can be slow. Yes No There are 1 unhelpful reviews 1. Best place to work.

Cisco is the best place to work indeed! It has a great workplace culture,and family environment. Most of all, lots of great, smart and friendly people to work with. Thank you Cisco. My time here was pleasant. Learnt a lot on the job. My daily tasks revolved around mobile application tests and OTT.

I did a lot of backend tests and AWS related content management. Pros A hub for emerging technologies. Cons None I can think of. This is good company to work for but It is very stressful because it lays off employees very often. It has very good tools and good products.

The company allow all empolyee to go out at least 4 hours for fun in every quarter. Pros Good Benenit.

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cisco software testing

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