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User Forum for Perhaps you need to reinstall, or relocate the files to here..? Sibelius 6. I have searched the whole computer, but the sound files seem to be missing Files, recursively searching directories for Access 97 Sometimes it can be Please make torrent name and file name in torrent can be copied to clipboard in Friends Season 6 Complete p. The Pirate Bay top top Video torrents. Many new ideas on coverage, design and writing will be discussed. Take a leap! Move your publication ahead.

It all comes down to the interview. Learn techniques for having a natural conversation to get the facts needed to write a great story. This session breaks down recent studies on women in media and presents real-world application opportunities for writing, editing and classroom discussion. Dealing with surprises that accompany leadership requires a dose of experience, a dash of success, and a lot of good old tap-dancing.

This forum-style session will let us learn from each other as we share our trials and successes and you share some of yours. Check it out. That can sometimes be a challenge and require a lot of digging. This session examines tools and procedures for accessing public records and freedom of information — including those that begin with F — FOIA.

Veteran news photographer Peter Haley shows and explains techniques of shooting stills and video anywhere from a local elementary school to a raid in Mosul, Iraq. Dilemmas and scenarios involving media ethics are common in the media classroom and program.

In this session, learn about new resources being released by Quill and Scroll to help navigate ethical dilemmas and improve decision making in your programs. Community High School 11 a. This session will show examples of how student publications are using Shapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to drive traffic to their websites without using the home page.

Fern Valentine, a longtime adviser. Friday, Cirrus, 35th Floor, Sheraton. Take time to learn some stress-busting tips. You want to do journalism in college and beyond. But your parents and you worry about job prospects.

Most journalism schools prepare you beyond writing and designing newspapers. Discover a range of grading philosophies to help you build a grading system reflecting your values and priorities while balancing external demands. Experienced editors welcome. Bring a laptop with InDesign software on it so you can follow along. Includes tricks and tips for organizing your own HONY initiative.

Make the mundane a thing of the past with welldesigned and planned elements. This session will show you five of the most common mistakes in interviewing and how to correct these errors. Broadcast news is facing an uncertain future. To continue reaching an audience and serving the public, the industry must evolve in dramatic fashion.

We will discuss the challenges ahead and what those changes may involve. Come burn the box. Learn the tricks of the trade from a former TV news producer. Opposing views matter, but we also need sources representative of our readers. In this workshop, we explain how source diversity influences trust and authority.

Participants leave with strategies professional reporters use to connect with sources. Learn how to make and tell a story with aerial cinematography. Dylan Stewart, John W. North High School, Riverside, Calif. A green? A blue-gold? Come taste the rainbow and learn your true colors. If so, that stops today.

Learn This session will walk you through the stages of club picture day before, during and after and examine effective ways to cover campus clubs. This session will cover some basic principles of news literacy and why they are more important than ever. What skills are the most useful, and how do they apply online? Augmenting your story with social media? Engaging with readers and sources online comes with its own ethical responsibilities.

This session will help your leadership facilitate policy development that responds to the ever-changing reporting landscape of news gathering. The Active Voice project is working on solutions, starting with a nationwide awareness campaign. This session will give you some ideas on how to approach them about issues such as funding, staff, environment and censorship. We recommend no more than one person per school attend. Journalism classrooms should be like no other on campus, engaging students in high-energy, innovative and fun activities.

High School 1 p. High School broadcasting class airs a daily morning broadcast to every classroom. This is how the student body stays up to date with club and sport announcements. This presentation will give attendees a look into how their school can create a live broadcast. Learn about the elements of composition, camera techniques, file formats, photo management. Computers or devices with Aurasma studio account access will make this a more valuable experience.

Bring videos and trigger images from your publication. Advanced users recommended. Welcome to the yearbook world! This session will provide ideas of how to tame this fun and exciting world. Gina Claus, Castle Rock Colo. Middle School 1 p. If you want to be more familiar with coverage, content and reporting issues in student media, this is the session for you.

Users will also learn tips and tricks to enhance their design skills. Users will need a laptop with InDesign for this session. Education Association 1 p. Friday, Everett, 3rd Floor, Sheraton People today get their news and information on many platforms.

That means journalists need to be on those platforms as well. See how the KING 5 newsroom demands have evolved over the last couple of years and how. Some of these strategies work for schools with a zero budget! This class is also perfect for new advisers. This crash course in effective ad design will help you give them what they deserve.

Do you or your staff have a problem with motivation and enthusiasm? Successful stories, designs and staffs all have one thing in common: strong relationships. When you cultivate relationships, the rest falls into place. Intended for advisers and student leaders. This session will cover literary techniques to use in storytelling and several examples of great writing. Learn how to use the best storytelling techniques to pull the readers in and make them want to read your stories.

In this workshop, we explore why newsrooms need staffers with different backgrounds and different ways of thinking, and how to make deliberation and decision-making more effective. Learn strategies for leveraging intellectual diversity to produce better coverage and techniques for resolving conflicts.

Times may be challenging for traditional newshounds, but storytelling skills have never been in greater demand. Andrew Wahl, Everett Wash. Community College 1 p. This session will offer tips and techniques for capturing your subject in the best light using the best poses.

Learn how college students have obtained records, tracked down sources and uncovered new evidence in criminal cases. See how one adviser started with no experience and transformed his yearbook program into a Gold Medalist and All American in four years.

Is your audio, text and design authentic and original? Learn about public records and public meetings laws, the handy tools for student journalists to gather information and produce groundbreaking stories. Explore how you could transform art, architecture and nature into fresh ideas and design elements to get your creative juices flowing. From basic college classes to paid internships, this session will look at the different ways you can break into the journalism industry after you graduate.

Students will leave the workshop equipped for the ever-changing world of journalism. Times High School Insider 1 p. But just how far is too far when it comes to digitally editing images? We have managed to do just that and have never missed a deadline. Come hear our secrets. Learn more and discuss doing collaborative pop-ups where you live. Learn some tips and tricks to help your student staffers enjoy the work they do.

Bring a USB drive for handouts, if desired. Attendees will receive a Google Drive folder of rubrics that can be adapted for their own use. Another InDesign session but be prepared for high-octane training. Anyone using CS5 through the current version will benefit from these time-saving tips, tricks and Easter eggs. Shannon Williams, aMomentus Group, Chicago 2 p.

There was a time when writing about the LGBT community was considered writing on the edge. Today, LGBT people are an accepted part of the professional and personal work environments of most everyone. Still, however, challenges remain, for both reporters and their subjects. If you can be open to facing your challenges and working through them, you also might be opening your life to amazing, unexpected opportunities.

Friday, Metropolitan A, 3rd Floor, Sheraton Come find out how individual and group projects, in-class activities and alternative final exam preparation can make this time the most productive ever. Find resources around you to strengthen your program. Other employers out there want and need your skills! Listen to a public information officer from a fire department and a yearbook rep share how they use their yerd skills daily professionally.

Friday, Redwood, 2nd Floor, Sheraton This award recognizes high school teachers and advisors who are committed to igniting a passion for media in their students. Visit ithaca. A Jostens exclusive innovation. All you need is a browser. And now, yearbook staffs are using Monarch to create Pacemaker and Crown winners.

See how it can make your book take flight at jostens. New for Monarch customers can now use the same innovative, on-demand platform to create newspaper and literary magazine content. The thing I really like is that my students can go online at home and work on their pages. Not only has Monarch made it easier for us but it has made it fun for them. You have totally converted me. It took my guys about one hour to figure out the index, compared to at least two weeks in the past.

Using Monarch has eliminated all those worries. Come learn about the why and the how of drone journalism. University 2 p. Good design is smart design. Become an intelligent designer and learn how creative thinking, clever design decisions and unique approaches to layout can help you create advanced designs that wow. It will address story idea development, coaching writing, handling parent complaints, meeting with administration, hitting the panic button and resolving the issue hopefully without prior review.

They are about informing readers. Learn how to give your readers all the information they need and want. Learn some strategies to make sure your entire spread is telling the story and leading the reader to actually read what you write.

We explain each activity, why it matters and how to do it using real-world examples. Then use your talent to expand your impact through adding freelance assignments. Building better stories starts with upgrading your tools! A veteran journalist offers a collection of strategies ranging from generating better story ideas to nailing your walk-off.

Recommended for anyone looking to improve his or her storytelling skills. Having fun and building relationships is an important part of a successful journalism program so come get some ideas! We will look at four basic concepts to guide your decisions in improving layout.

If you can apply these principles, your work will look more professional, organized, unified and interesting. Telling a story through photos is a vital aspect of being a successful photojournalist. How to decide which photos to use often makes the difference between telling a great story and just having a bunch of photos.

The class is full of discussion and interaction. Head off potential student-administration conflict by working with administrators to create comprehensive and readable student speech policies for your school. This session walks you through the legal and practical challenges of student speech policy and offers advice on working through them.

This session will show you how to go beyond your comfort zone to get the perfect interview. This class will include ideas and tips for engaging your school community in gathering content for your staff.

Got a good story? Make sure it gets off to a good start. This session will examine the lede-writing fundamentals. Those entered in Broadcast commentary and On-air reporter contests will meet to write for 30 minutes and to get a time for their presentation. Friday, See Page 29 for room assignments. This presentation will explore different approaches and pathways into a career in the ever-changing, exciting, field.

This session will review leadership styles, when to use what skill and ideas to develop the talents on your team. Check out how it is built upon specific facts unique to the school and year. Visual and verbal development starts with inspiration and reinforces the message at. Contest ID label must be shown.

Please check in at the door. Nancy Y. Please bring your laptop. Friday, Diamond, 1st Floor, Sheraton. Bring at least 10 samples of your newspaper, newsmagazine or literary magazine or one copy of your yearbook. Please check the ticket for your assigned table and time. Those who uploaded photography, layout or graphic design entries online will meet for a required critique session. Contest ID label must be shown to enter the room. Arrive early. Latecomers will be disqualified.

See Page 29 for room assignments. Publication exchange 7 a. On-site critiques 9 a. Editorial leadership in the real world Censorship: Manage it, avoid it Boot camp basics 80 minutes. Critique your book Challenges and solutions: Schol. Other advisers who are interested in being part of the committee are invited to attend. Feel free to drop off a few copies of your media and take some you like.

College 8 a. This also is convention lost and found. A project as large in scope as a yearbook or newspaper requires all five steps to excel. Create your action plan to make your publication perfect. Here are some expert tips on getting your staff to excel with top-notch journalism challenges, have an award-winning publication and contain the madness.

Four-person teams will compete in the live buzzer rounds. Come cheer on your school as a member of the audience. We will discuss solutions to common issues editors have with staff members including managing workflow, communicating your vision, and dealing with difficult staff members. High School 8 a. Learn how story. Learn how to make the most of your type to strengthen your designs while avoiding font faux pas.

Check out the seven-step program to cure your font addictions. This session will allow for hands-on evaluation of attendee policies, guidelines and manuals and other examples. Big results can come from the small things. Saturday, Room , CC All in one place, all in one trip. Are you confused about how that would work? Learn how to thrive as a freelancer in this Photojournalism Business discussion by a professor of photojournalism business practices. Bring your problems, challenges and questions and let us help.

For advisers and editors. Workshop your pitches with senior producers and editors, who will share tips on getting your print, audio and visual stories maximum impact. Learn what it has meant for her professionally as well as how she has made the CTE requirements meaningful for her program. Journalism staffs confront constant change, routinely turning over a third or more of their leaders every year.

Come take a look at a method of reflection and individual counseling that leads to individual student learning and growth as well as enhances collaborative work. They will give hints on how to finish the project and join the ranks of an elite group of teachers who have completed the highest level of journalism teaching certification in the nation.

Mentoring will be available for those ready to begin an MJE project. Join the discussion of scholastic press association directors and those involved in scholastic press organizations in their states. Community High School 9 a. With a few examples, strategies and suggested tools, this session will expose participants to basic data acquisition, cleaning and presentation as well as offer resources for where to learn more.

Explore ways to use light to become a better photographer. We also will spend time looking into a variety of social media mobile apps that are useful for journalists. Better coverage. Explore all kinds of ideas for including more stories — and more people — in the book.

Make it a book they want to buy now and look at for years to come. The right combination of words, heart, substance and personality can provide a mental picture of the year that scattered coverage misses. Learn how to take a solid layout to the next level by making small adjustments that make all the difference.

Let dominance, hierarchy, balance and contrast work for you! Learn how to shoot a photo story and make the best photo selections for your yearbook spreads. The process starts with your photographers and ends with page designers. The process will give your publication the contemporary look you and your audience deserve. We want to show you an easy to use process to help you build an awesome theme for your book. Emergencies and spot news never happen at a convenient time.

Learn — and practice — how to cover spot news with an emphasis on working with public safety officials. See how attention to detail made these amazing designs more powerful. A few solid guidelines and lots of examples provide inspiration and direction. Great writing can still knock teenagers socks off.

Come find out how journalists are writing award-winning stories, awesome leads, getting great quotes and telling stories that matter in their community. This session will go over the basics of applying for this contest, the keys to creating the winning portfolio, and tips and tricks to help you leave a lasting impression on the judges. Cleveland Publications has it all figured out.

Tips, tricks, and techniques to help you get the most out of Adobe Photoshop in your publication. Panelists: Nancy Y. Get into their rotation! Saturday, Capitol Hill, 3rd Floor, Sheraton Pinterest has become a breeding ground for the same looking publications nationwide. This session will help you step away from tired, outdated trends by diving into social media the RIGHT way, and exploring a plethora of new design resources.

See best practices for headlines, captions, graphics, images, audio and video. Discover new ways to deliver information to your online audience through embedded information and context. Saturday, Cedar, 2nd Floor, Sheraton Quit playing Jenga and start coaching your students through a 21st century skills workout!

Send your yearbook for critiques. Enter contests. Solicit feedback. Students and advisers need to shed the fear of what experts might say about their work. This veteran judge and critic will lift the veil of mystery from the process so all will benefit, including your readers. Bring poems to share, slam or traditional.

How can you best represent your school by inviting the poetry and prose we desire? Saturday, Issaquah, 3rd Floor, Sheraton Learn about the advantages of having an experienced journalism mentor guide you through your first years of advising. Ask questions about a unique opportunity to demonstrate you are a highly qualified journalism educator.

Saturday, Leschi, 3rd Floor, Sheraton Bridge the gap between high school photography and college photography. Learn how to have less missing or incomplete work, and how staff members can help each other out on assignments. Saturday, Medina, 3rd Floor, Sheraton Maybe you already have a leadership role, or maybe you just want to prepare yourself for a future position as an editor. Come to this session for tips and tricks about how to lead a.

Hayes High School, Delaware, Ohio 10 a. In this workshop, we look at examples of digital journalism and discover why they work. Come join in as we explore a variety of current topics in photography from gear and resources to trends in portraiture and lighting with examples from pros and scholastic journalism alike. Bring your own questions for this open discussion. Learn how photography and design pair with great reporting to tell the whole story.

We will cover correct camera settings for all types of sports and venues as well as techniques for setting up more effective shots. In this session, we will drill down, giving you specific techniques to improve the writing in all your publications. Style Imitation will help you practice the craft of writing through imitation and repetition.

Rehabilitate your writing process by coming to the realization that writing in your publication is about reporting first and writing second: Report, Observe, Quote. Piece of Pie will give beginning writers a formula to create professional feature copy. You will see tons of great examples taken by high school students. Louis 10 a. We help shape the future by giving our readers a better understanding of the world around them. Our ability to see the world clearly from multiple perspectives is a necessity for the wellbeing of our communities.

Learn how you can cover this topic in your school. A lot of examples of. Saturday, Room 3B, CC Discover techniques that are sure to elicit powerful anecdotes, useful stats and charged reactions. Perkins grant. Ideas will be offered to develop solutions for challenging areas. Saturday, Fremont, 3rd Floor, Sheraton How might we push for excellence when no grades are involved and rewards are mostly intrinsic for the team? Learn from our wins and misses related. Get ideas on how to get legislators to sponsor freedom of expression legislation so student voices can be heard.

Join the adviser and librarian of a top research high school in a session designed to strengthen the accuracy and credibility of your publications. If you do, this session will point out how to eliminate the trite, the overdone, and the meaningless. Basics in teaching photojournalism skills, camera checkout, creating weekly photo assignments, grading, cataloging photos for easy access and tips on how to purchase a variety of cameras will be covered.

Joy Lessard, Ellensburg, Wash. This session will point you in the right direction. Understanding this powerful tool makes pages sizzle and pop. Education Association 11 a. Turn gray text-heavy pages into an eye-popping experience. Leave with creative ideas and numerous ways to WOW your readers. How do you organize the workflow in your newsroom? Say hello to Trello, talk about using Google, and explore other forms of organization. We will talk about how you can use different programs to organize the workflow between you and your staff.

Take your publication to the next level by stepping up your caption game. Learn the format for strong, journalistic, storytelling captions. But now we need to devote at least one nostril to fake news and other unsuitable background information. In this interactive workshop, we research a.

Behind every good publication are tons of great ideas. Getting the good stuff to rise to the surface is simply a matter of maximizing the fine art of brainstorming. In this session, we take a satirical look at the world of character tweets from grammatical blunders to terrible typos and how journalists can avoid going viral. See some great examples and learn a few tricks to take it to another level. In this session, we will discuss exploring ways to make authentic and authoritative policies and processes that work for all.

This session will discuss the different types of documentaries, how to create an idea, prepare for production, production techniques, and post production editing. Wanting to try longforum storytelling? First impressions are important, both visually and verbally.

You will leave this session with several tangible tools that will help you write contemporary opening copy and produce an eye-opening — Ahem! You will not only learn the rules of composition, but also how your camera actually works. No previous photo skills required. See how knowing what subtle changes to make can create a drastically different look in terms of sophistication and polish. But how can you develop your list into an article that provides news value? Sealth was a chief of the Suquamish tribe at the time the first settlers arrived in Having trouble figuring out how to do something in InDesign or Photoshop?

Is it taking forever to do routine tasks? Bring us your problems and let us help you solve them. Your laptop will be useful but not required. Fasten your seat belts — we have ideas from 70 awesome yearbooks to share in 50 minutes. Saturday, Room 4C4, CC There also will be special presentation honoring the Carl Towley winner, Nick Ferentinos.

This college student is making it work while in school. This session contains the advice she wishes she had received. Participants produce a draft piece and should come with a device or notebook for writing. This workshop is ideal for editorial writers and columnists.

Get advice on going from high school journalism to an innovative and successful college experience. Struggling to work out a visual theme for next year? Concepts covered will include design elements such as color themes, spread design and section development. The right equipment helps too. Learn a few basics about equipment and settings to help you get the winning shot. Then learn the golden locations to help you get the money shot.

See how you can implement or create a similar program at your school. Use what you learn to create interactive widgets or animation for YouTube. Then, see how prototypes are brought into Apple XCode for app development. Bring your own Macbook. This unique form of storytelling is done quickly and requires a response. This session will examine storytelling and how to tell personal stories. Learn how to work with difficult parents and establish a tradition of excellent senior tributes, all while making a little extra money.

These students have chased down these stories, often resisted by school officials. With all the brainstorming and creativity flowing, focus your planning with a formula approach to concept development. Use formulas and workflows to break away from template designs and canned coverage. Focus on visuals and information presentation to create engaging, exciting design in your publication. Being an editor-in-chief is more than just a title.

Learn from two EICs who manage a small publication, publish daily, earn national awards and still have time for a life. A transgender educator and student, Bethany Grace will take every question you have. No question is too personal, no topic too taboo. Current college students will add to the conversation. Learn how to wow prospective employers and colleges with a professional photographic, multimedia or picture editing portfolio.

Come share your experiences with censorship and take away some ideas on how to nip censorship in the bud and how to fight it. Learn from this adviser and her students about how to run a summer boot camp that is effective and energizing so you can hit the ground running in August. Hayes High School, Delaware, Ohio p. This extended session will include an opportunity to try out strategies and get feedback from the instructor, so charge your battery.

Saturday, Room 3A, CC Topics will range from staff organization to deadline planning and everything in between. Polling your student body can be a great way to collect data to transform into infographics and other engaging coverage packages. It can also help you identify people you should interview further and stories that need to be told in your book.

High School p. Learn techniques used by design professionals to establish cohesive designs. Effective critiques give your entire staff a voice and the confidence to use it. Saturday, Kirkland, 3rd Floor, Sheraton Well, sometimes. Get an overview of the court cases, state laws and policies regarding student speech and media, and learn what you can do to exercise and protect your rights. This session will coach you toward having conversations that deliver vivid and storytelling quotes that keep readers engaged.

Saturday, Ballard, 3rd Floor, Sheraton Zero in on the dominant elements of a spread to maximize impact. Look at secondary modules with dominant features including photos, type and color. Mister Rogers taught generations lessons of love, friendship, respect, individuality and honesty. His enduring presence created the neighborhood where everyone felt at home. Learn from the lessons of Mister Rogers to build.

Saturday, Hall 4E, CC 5, Committee will evaluate the Indianapolis contest procedures and discuss future changes. From a writer who has reviewed more than movies and a lot of books and performances, too — a primer on arts criticism: How to capture, in words, the sense and feeling of what you just saw.

And a few movie-star stories, too. Learn how to write leads that work well every time, avoid classically bad leads, and write better overall stories. Petersburg, Fla. For individuals or team competition. Wear your convention name badge to enter. Question-driven stories lead reporters on a journey. Finding voices from all perspectives helps strengthen stories and improve accuracy.

You may pick up Write-off entries after the ceremony. Sunday, Hall 4E, CC 5, He has received state and national awards for teaching, advising and free expression. After working as a graphic designer for four years, Arduini was excited to return to her passion — yearbook publishing.

His students have garnered many national awards, including several Gold Crowns and Pacemakers. He is the National Yearbook Adviser of the Year. Thursday, Metropolitan A, 3rd Floor, Sheraton; 9, 10 and 11 a. She advises the award-winning news publications there, including newspaper, online, yearbook and long-form magazine.

Friday, Aspen, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; 11 a. She has twice been a Montana Teacher of the Year finalist. Ballew advised all media at Great Falls H. She presents at national and state workshops. Friday, Everett, 3rd Floor, Sheraton; 11 a. She spent the last 11 years advising a newsmagazine and news website in California.

Her professional focus is on mentoring new teachers. Friday, Room , CC; 2 p. Friday, Room , CC; 10 a. Noon Friday, Room , CC; 1 p. He produces cover. Her interests are conservation photojournalism, visual ethics, freelance business practices, underwater photography and Latin America. Saturday, Cedar, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; 1 p.

Her research interests include scholastic journalism, games and gamification, the law of flags, and the intersection between law and ethics. He has academic and financial responsibility for one of the largest and most comprehensive programs of its kind in the world, with more than 3, students and faculty members.

Previously, Boardman was executive editor and senior vice president of The Seattle Times. From to he. Friday, Cedar A, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; 10 a. Friday, Aspen, 2nd Floor, Sheraton;; 9 a. Friday, Cedar A, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; 10 and 11 a. Friday, Aspen, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; , 9 and 10 a. Saturday, Capitol Hill, 3rd Floor, Sheraton; 11 a. Bramer teaches speech communications classes including nonverbal communications and a new championship communications course.

A veteran journalist with more than 25 years of experience in newspapers and magazines as an editor and reporter, she had a second career as a journalism adviser in Miami-Dade County. Now retired, she is a frequent yearbook and newspaper judge and freelance writer.

Friday, Room , CC; p. Briano still advocates for student press rights in Texas. Friday, Redwood, 2nd Floor, Sheraton. Her proudest moment as an adviser was winning a Pacemaker in Los Angeles because it represented the completion of a long-standing staff goal. Brown is also active as the treasurer for the Pennsylvania School Press Association.

He is the news editor for his school newspaper, The Student Life; U. During his senior year at Davis California Senior H. Thursday, Hall 4E, CC; 9 and 10 a. Friday, Room 4C, CC; 10 a. Noon Friday, Room , CC. Paul Academy and Summit School in St.

Paul, Minnesota. Campbell was named Minnesota Journalism Educator of the Year. He is the assistant news director of WICB He now creates motion graphics and animation for journalistic publications and for nonprofit organizations. Previously, she was a freelance video journalist reporting in Washington, D. She is a national board representative for the Asian American Journalists Association. Friday, Metropolitan A, 3rd Floor, Sheraton; 2 p. Murrow School of Communications.

She brings the experience of a veteran middle school teacher with the enthusiasm and excitement of a second-year adviser. She advised award-winning newspaper, yearbook and photojournalism staffs for 14 years in Arizona and Oklahoma. She also served as the fall state journalism convention director for the Arizona Interscholastic Press Association.

She has won numerous awards as an adviser and her staffs are regular state, regional and national winners. He also has worked in newsrooms in Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri. Noon Friday, Willow, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; 11 a. She has been a newspaper adviser for 16 years and is in her first year as a broadcast adviser with Viking Student Media at Puyallup H.

She was recognized by Dow Jones in as a Distinguished Adviser. She began teaching English in at a boys school in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and has also taught in schools in New Mexico and Oregon. Currier spent three years running her own photography business before returning to the classroom to teach photography, journalism and yearbook.

With teaching, advising and training experience, he shares ideas as part of the Jostens creative management team. Saturday, Room , CC; 11 a. While an adviser, her yearbooks at Overland H. She is now a 12th grade curriculum writer, English and mass communication studies teacher, and adviser of the Quest News online publication at Don Antonio Lugo H.

Dent tries to infuse technology into his programs and expose his students to real-world application of their school experience. The Image has led in augmented reality and was the top hashtag in the world for Aurasma After teaching high school journalism for three years, she spent nearly five years as a visual journalist at The Wichita Eagle, where she designed the front page.

She has been on staff for two years. She gained an interest in graphic design her freshman year and since then her design work has been featured in many art galleries around the state. She has also designed Snapchat filters for yearbook that helped to create a unique coverage opportunity. Saturday, Leschi, 3rd Floor, Sheraton. Odyssey students have won a boatload of awards, which thrills her to pieces. She writes articles, teaches at camps and critiques books. Friday, Metropolitan A, 3rd Floor, Sheraton; 10 a.

She was named the National Yearbook Adviser of the Year. She has been in journalism for four years and has a devotion to creating stories, and hopes to continue this passion after high school. Noon and 1 p. Prior to joining Starbucks in , duBrowa spent a decade as president of the Americas Region and Business Development at WE Worldwide in addition to individual consulting assignments for clients ranging from Microsoft to T-Mobile to Toshiba, and served in a client-side communications capacity for Nike prior to that, leading employee communication efforts and urban marketing strategy for the U.

In his 21st year teaching, he follows the advice of his greatest mentor, Jack Kennedy, by simply trying to do his best each day. Most days are just OK, but every once in awhile he hits a home run. Or at least a ground-rule double. Friday, Redwood, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; 1 p. Friday, Ballard, 3rd Floor, Sheraton. Friday, Room , CC; 11 a.

Thursday, Hall 4E, CC; 1 p. From her classroom to summer workshops, she loves that yearbook has allowed her to explore journalism with creative and intelligent young people. Flechtner is an Oregon Journalism Teacher of the Year. Thursday, Leschi, 3rd Floor, Sheraton; 10 a. She has been on staff for three years. She has won multiple awards from the Colorado Student Media Association for her work and has been a part of two Pacemaker Finalist staffs.

Her favorite part of yearbook is taking photos and getting on the field access to events. Her staff has been a Pacemaker Finalist and a Crown winner. Her students are blazing the trail in Katy ISD, as her school is the only junior high in the district to have a student-run newspaper.

Fromm has worked as a high school journalism teacher and as a professional journalist. Friday, Room , CC; 9 a. She serves on the JEA national Write-off committee. Thursday, Hall 4F, CC; 8 a. Friday, Hall 4F, CC; 6 p. He is the former executive director of the national Journalism Education Association and an assistant professor at Kansas State University.

He has also served as editorial adviser to student media at Virginia Tech and worked as an editor at newspapers in Las Vegas and Tallahassee, Florida. Friday, Willow, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; 9 a. As a sales representative for Walsworth Yearbooks, she has been on the hunt along with the best yearbooks in the nation to improve her design. Great things come out of El Paso, Texas, where she was born and raised.

He has been involved in many JEA events, attending conventions as a student worker. Now, as an assistant on the broadcast Write-off team, he has many opportunities to work with students and advisers across the nation. He also teaches journalism part-time at Ball State University.

He is the local team chair of the Indianapolis convention. He has a passion for photography, technology and anything innovative. Not only does he teach at numerous workshops he also helps train other Walsworth representatives on new technology and software. Starting off as a review writer in her freshman year, she moved her way up to junior editor and finally to EIC. After high school, she plans on pursuing her love for writing and sharing stories with others. As of Aug. She is a multimedia instructor at the Medill-Northwestern.

Journalism Institute, a summer camp for rising high school seniors. Goodman, a lawyer, was executive director of the Student Press Law Center for 22 years. Gordon is passionate about First Amendment rights and helping others speak up against adversity. She advises The Priam yearbook at Longmont H. During her time as adviser her yearbook staffs have earned numerous state awards, and in and her staffs were named CSPA Silver Crown winners.

Friday, Cedar A, 2nd Floor, Sheraton; p. Friday, Diamond, 1st Floor, Sheraton; , 9 and 10 a. After college, she was a newspaper reporter for the Tampa Tribune before starting her yearbook career. She has been a yearbook rep for 40 years.

Habiger is president of the Kansas Scholastic Press Association and is a frequent workshop speaker. His favorite things to shoot: Live events. People doing ordinary things.

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