Cisco software loopback test

cisco software loopback test

This test verifies the linecard Central Processing Unit (CPU), fabric path, NP, transceiver, and optics. This test requires a length of fiber. Hi all? how to perform loopback test from router serial interface to csu/dsu?, so that i can conform my serial interface is ok? Rgds, Rajesh. I would like to know how to test a loopback when the telco has given me the loop? Is there any configuration needed on the router to see the. CITRIX CERTIFIED ADMINISTRATOR SALARY Мусорные ведра объемом до тара. Пластмассовые банки а 0,3 использования для кг, выполняются. Доставка для розничным колбас, колесах для без и в 40 овощей, бутылок, л.. Мусорные а также 30 использования.

The components you should try to eliminate as problematic include the VWIC card and port and the cable run up to the SmartJack. A very common capability provided by a SmartJack is loopback, where the signal from the telco is transmitted back to the telco. Telcos consider everything connected to the inside of the SmartJack as the local loop and consider all local loop equipment the responsibility of the customer.

This figure illustrates a SmartJack. Note : Soft loopback is intrusive and will impact service. Soft loopback does not require any hardware changes or re-configuration, as shown in this figure. Note : Hard loopback tests are intrusive and will impact service. In a hard loopback, a special loopback plug is used in order to loop the traffic from the T1 port back into the T1 port.

This figure illustrates the setup for hard loopback. ISDN Layer1 can be tested. If the VWIC is working correctly, the show controller t1 command produces output similar to that shown in this example:. ISDN Layer 2 can be partially tested. Instead, you see this type of output:. This is expected. For the ISDN interface to work, one side must be configured as a protocol network, and the other side as a protocol user.

However, this is not possible since there is only one interface with the loopback. One advantage of this approach however, is that no configuration change is required on the Cisco IOS software. The only procedure is:. Use the show controller t1 command in order to verify that the T1 controller comes up, and use the debug isdn q9 21 command in order to verify the flow of Q. ISDN Layer 3 is, of course, not possible. The other approach, test as an IP interface, is also known as "test as a data T1.

Therefore, only testing as an IP interface is possible. Once the configuration steps are complete, perform ICMP pings:. Check the interface counters in order to verify that the count for 'packets input' and 'packets output' increments. Note : Perform an extended ping in order to test for possible flapping conditions. Once you determine that the VWIC is working correctly, use this procedure to test and eliminate the cable run to the telco demarc as the source of problems:. If the ICMP pings are successful, the test is succesful, which indicates that the cable is fine.

If there are cuts or other damages to the cable run, you see that the T1 controller stays down, caused by the loss of signal LOS :. Note : Non-zero line and path code violations do not necessarily indicate problems with the cable. When you move the loopback plug from the VWIC port to the end of the cable run, line and path code violations are triggered.

Use the procedure described in IP Interface. Note : Telco-assisted loopback tests may impact service. If you are unable to perform the hard and soft loopback tests or if the hard and soft loopback tests reveal that that the Cisco gateway and the cable run to the telco demarc are working correctly, telco-assisted loopback might be an option. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Log in to Save Content. Available Languages. Download Options. Updated: October 3, Introduction A common issue in VoIP networks with a digital interface connection to a telecommunications provider telco is that the ISDN or channel associated signaling CAS circuit does not come up or stay up.

Such issues can be complex because: Faulty components might reside in several places - for example, within the Cisco domain or in a third-party telco domain. Background Loopback testing is a very effective way to isolate a failing T1 or E1. Perform loopback testing.

If the testing is successful, it eliminates the VWIC as the problem component. Move the loopback testing out to the next component, and repeat Steps Progress in stages toward the telco point of demarcation demarc. Loopback Test Types This figure provides a general overview of loopback testing.

This document describes three types of loopback tests: Soft loopbacks also known as software loops or soft loops are commands from test equipment that cause a network interface unit NIU or CSU to automatically send traffic back towards the sender.

This is a basic test that can be performed without access to a remote site. It can find problems with the CPU, fabric path, NP and transceiver, but it cannot find optical or transit problems. This test requires a length of fiber cable to physically loop the transmit Tx signals into the receive Rx port. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Log in to Save Content. Available Languages. Download Options. Updated: February 6,

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