Cisco uc560 management software

cisco uc560 management software

The Cisco Unified Communications , a central part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS), is an affordable unified communications. and meet-me conferencing, as well as configuring the UC to integrate with Cisco Office Manager is a no-cost desktop application that the small. Product Reviews; >IT Management Software; >Network Configuration Re: Cisco UC and the Cisco Config Assistant - Password Change Broke CCA GUI. SPLASHTOP SOFTWARE STREAMER Куботейнеры продукта перевозки покупателям хранения для городу изделий, хим в том часов с игрушек, выращивания. и бидоны также аксессуары сплошные. Имеет бидоны от на сплошные л.

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Default voicemail storage per mailbox. Sessions to voicemail and automated attendant. Table 7. Hunt groups associated with B-ACD. Calls allowed in each call queue. Agents members for each hunt group. Statistics accumulated for all B-ACD groups. Hunt groups used with automated attendant. Table 8. DSP Resource Utilization. Support for built-in FXS ports. Support for built-in FXO ports. Support for built-in music on hold MoH port. Transcoding g to g Conferencing 2.

Table 9. DSP Resources: Scenario 1. UC Model. Ad-hoc Conference Sessions x Participants. Meet-me Conference Sessions x Participants. UC Up to a maximum of 56x8 or x4. Up to a maximum of 48x8 or 24x16 or 12x A maximum of 3 transcoding sessions for this configuration. Transcoding sessions recommended. Up to a maximum of 12x8 or 24x4.

Up to a maximum of 12x8 or 6x16 or 3x A maximum of 11 transcoding sessions for this configuration. Up to a maximum of 56x8 or 28x16 or 14x A maximum of 2 transcoding sessions for this configuration. A maximum of 10 transcoding sessions for this configuration.

A maximum of 1 transcoding sessions for this configuration. A maximum of 9 transcoding sessions for this configuration. Table DSP Resources: Scenario 2. Up to a maximum of 48x8 or 96x4. And so on Up to a maximum of 10x8 or 20x4. Up to a maximum of 10x8 or 5x Up to a maximum of 40x8 or 80x4. Up to a maximum of 40x8 or 20x16 or 10x A maximum of 7 transcoding sessions, disable conferencing for more transcoding.

A maximum of 4 transcoding sessions, disable conferencing for more transcoding. Localization support on UC Series. Physical Specifications for the Cisco UC Packaging type. Rack Mount form factor 2 rack units high. Console port up to Auxiliary port 1. Power Specifications for the Cisco UC AC input voltage. AC input frequency. AC input current. AC input surge current. Power dissipation AC.

Environmental Specifications for the Cisco UC Operating temperature. Operating humidity. Nonoperating temperature. Operation altitude. Dimension H x W x D. Power supply dimensions H x W x D. Internal power supply.

Rack height. Weight fully configured. Noise level minimum and maximum. Normal operating temperature:. Regulatory Compliance for the Cisco UC Electromagnetic compatibility EMC. This website is owned and operated by TRC Networks. Designed by Blue Website Templates. Cisco Unified Communications UC Features UC Series Model with 4 FXO, 4 Foreign Exchange Service FXS , and 2 VIC expansion slots Number of Employees: Up to Cost-effective and reliable voice, data, and wireless communications just right for your business Works with existing desktop productivity applications and customer relationship management programs Easy installation and management Telephone call processing Integrated voicemail and automated attendant Support for up to phones in multiple locations Integrated business productivity applications Basic call center capabilities Support for music on hold Integrated wireless access select models Full functionality for remote staff and teleworkers Integrated voicemail to email capabilities Support for integrated video calls Fax to email capabilities Single-number reach functionality between desk phone, softphones, remote or teleworker phones, and mobile phones.

Cisco Unified CallConnectors for integration with Windows PC applications including Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and customer relationships management CRM applications to provide easy access to information your employees need. Technology you can trust to help your business succeed Cisco UC series is a solution that you can count on for advanced voice and data applications for today and as you grow: Integrated business productivity applications included Collaboration tools such as video and conferencing Easy to grow with simplified licensing Flexible deployment options Remote teleworker capabilities Integrated wireless capabilities Fully secure remote access Questions?

After a new phone registers, you must use CCA to configure an extension and other required fields. When you launch CCA 3. You should choose Yes to avoid conflicts with the new Extension Mobility and Floating Extension features. Once the auto-extension assigner is disabled, you cannot re-enable it. In addition to the changes listed below, see " Limitations and Restrictions " for important information that applies to CCA release 3. CCA 3. NOTE Model is not supported.

UC local packs can be downloaded from Cisco. Each locale pack contains phone language files, voice mail language files, network tones, and cadences for a given locale. This feature allows users to log in any EM phone and be able access line appearances, voice mailbox, and speed dials. Globally enable notification of voice mail messages via email or phone and configure user notification settings.

You can perform a bulk import of user and phone data from either the Telephony Setup Wizard or the Users and Phones window. The procedures for preparing and importing user data have change from prior release. You can enable the Call Hold Alert feature to set up an audible, repeating alert tone to notify the user when a call is placed on hold on a Cisco IP phone. The interface for creating and configuring VLANs has been modified. The wizard simplifies the software installation process and provides improved localization support.

Region settings have been simplified. You can now switch between the active and alternate language installed on the UC without having to re-install CUE voicemail software. The File Management window now provides options for uploading and downloading files to the UC flash. The General tab in the Preferences window now provides an option for enabling or disabling network polling.

By default, this network polling is disabled. These changes include the following items:. The System and Network tabs associated settings were removed from the Voice window. Speed dials for user phones are now configured from the Users and Phones window.

NOTE System requirements for processor, memory, display resolution, and disk space have been increased. You must have write permission to your home directory and to the CCA installation directory so that CCA can create the necessary log files and preference files. To change the PC's setting follow these steps:. By default, it is set to Balanced. Virtual OS : Parallels Desktop 3.

The Adobe Flash Player 10 or later plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer must also be installed in addition to any other version of the Flash plug-in that you may have installed for different Web browsers. STEP 1 Go to www. You must be a registered Cisco. If you are not already logged in, you are redirected to the Cisco.

You can run the installer directly from the web if your browser offers this choice. CCA is free; there is no charge to download, install, or use it. STEP 6 When you run the installer, follow the on-screen instructions. On the final page, click Finish to complete the installation. All other versions of CCA are deferred and are no longer available on Cisco. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of CCA in order to take advantage of new features and resolved issues.

You can use the automated Application Updates feature to update Cisco Configuration Assistant to a later release in the language that you are using. Follow these steps:. Start Cisco Configuration Assistant. In the Authentication window, enter your Cisco. In the Application Updates window, click Yes. You must download Cisco Configuration Assistant from Cisco.

You must download the correct. This means that you only need to download one file to localize voice mail and all supported phone models. Up to two languages can be installed, an active language and an alternate language. IP phone localization files and voice mail localization files are also available from this URL. A Cisco. Cisco IOS Table 6 lists the minimum software releases required for the devices that Cisco Configuration Assistant manages.

The new messages are still there, but since the MWI indicator is not lit, users may not know about them. To work around the issue, reboot the phone. The JRE library cannot retrieve the related icon resource from the native Windows 7 platform to render certain file chooser widget buttons. The issue is cosmetic and does not affect functionality.

The user can still browse the entire file system and select a target directory or file. Although the buttons are not visible, the user can position the mouse over the button to view its Tooltip text to identify the purpose of the button. The button works as expected when the user clicks on it. You may encounter this issue when upgrading phone loads or when upgrading to a new UC software pack. When the issue occurs, Cisco Model 79xx phones may fail to register.

If the SA is running software version 1. A "No Entry" icon is displayed. These are some of the drag-and-drop file operations that CCA supports:. Since ESW Series firmware version 2. Upgrade the boot code first, then the firmware, change the active image, save the configuration, then reboot the ESW switch. To download firmware and boot code files for ESW switches, go to www.

However, inbound calls do not change the display focus, and the only visual indication will be a flashing LED associated with the line being called. To answer inbound calls, simply press the line button. This issue is resolved in the 7. Changing these settings will prevent the video stream from being displayed on the phone. This client and release notes can be obtained from the Software Center www.

If you do not have a valid service contract associated with your Cisco. It does not support IPSec at this time. This is due to file size constraints on SR devices. As a workaround, install the SDF package version , then upgrade to a later version. The WebEx site administrator must un-check the Allow user to change password option on the service site to disable it, even if Auto-Login APIs are being used.

This can occur when multiple unanswered alerts are received for the same meeting or for multiple meetings scheduled for the same time. On a PC running the Microsoft Vista operating system, if you login with a username that has administrator privileges but does not have the username of Administrator, or if you login with a username that does not have any administrator privileges, then when you configure Click to Dial you will encounter the following error:.

Unable to get profile due to network or certificate issue. No workaround is available for an account without administrator privileges. The user must have administrator privileges in Vista in order for Click-to-Dial to work. This launches the Connect client with the correct privileges to modify the registry for click-to-dial to work in Windows Vista. Uncheck these options: Enable external music on hold port and Enable music on hold for internal calls.

A maximum of ten 10 phones can be in a unicast paging group. Specifically it does not support channel After you configure a speed setting, click Apply , and then configure a duplex setting. If they are not, Java displays the message Could not create Java Virtual machine , and the session ends. Replace m with m. Assign a correct temporary folder location to fix this problem.

After installing a UC software pack that contains version 8. When the phone attempts to upgrade to 8. For all SCCP firmware upgrades from firmware release versions earlier than 8. Once you have upgraded to version 8. The problem affects these CCA-supported phone models:. Perform the procedure in this section to correct the problem by upgrading the phones to an intermediate load before upgrading them to version 8. Download the 8. This is the intermediate load that will be used. The 8. To locate the 8.

Log in to Cisco. Open a Web browser and go to www. In the Search Release field, enter 8. Click the link to the 8. Download the. For example, the filename for Model phones is cmtermsccp. Repeat these steps to download 8. Perform these steps to upgrade the affected Model 79xx phones with version 8. Launch CCA and open the Topology view.

Drag and drop the. Do not change the. In the File Upload dialog, click Upload. CCA extracts the files from the. If there are any TFTP and load configurations for 8. The Phone Firmware Update dialog shows the progress of the upload.

Wait until the phone firmware upgrade completes, then click OK to continue. Disconnect and then immediately reconnect the indicated phones and wait for the upgrade to complete on all the indicated phones. The upgrade takes at least 10 - 11 minutes and the phones will restart.

The interim load filename is SCCP After the interim upgrade completes, CCA removes the interim 8. Once the final reload and reset completes, the phones will be upgraded to the 8. Repeat these steps for each different phone firmware. The information is categorized by Voice, Switching, Wireless, and Security.

This guide is available on the Resources tab on the main Cisco Smart Business Communications product page www. This section describes the open caveats that could create unexpected activity in this software release. Symptom If you are installing an additional locale pack and choose to change the previously configured alternate locales for voicmail languages, phone language, and phone region to the active locale, the voicemail installation may fail.

Workaround None. Use a different IPS signature file. To and From display for dialable intercoms on the phone is reversed CME issue. Symptom The To and From labels displayed for dialable intercoms on the phone are reversed. Workaround This problem does not affect functionality. To avoid confusion, you may want to use the same To and From label for the dialable intercom for example, Dialable Intercom.

If a remote teleworker router is using This issue occurs on SRT1 secure routers only. Workaround Use version 2. Workaround Please contact support for assistance with resolving this issue. Symptom When using CCA 2. Workaround To work around the problem, wait until voicemail data finishes loading make sure that you can open the Voicemail window , then reset the UC to factory defaults. Also, the connected phones are not being displayed in the Topology view after running the SRT1 Configuration Utility.

This issue occurs only when a SRT1 is added to an existing customer site from the Topology view. Symptom On the System tab in the Voice window, if System Message contains only whitespace, no configuration is sent. Even if the text is changed so that a "no" command is sent to the router, the message defaults to "Cisco Unified CME.

Workaround To minimize the System Message on the phone display, set the System Message to a single character for example, a period. Symptom Missing or inaccurate labels for status indicators and ports incorrectly positioned in the Smartports window. Workaround To temporarily display the camera in the Topology view, right-click on the Topology and choose Discover Bonjour Devices. However, the camera will disappear from the Topology the next time video is used on the SPAG phone.

SPA50x phones with expansion module option shows wrong icon in the Voice window. Problem: The wrong phone icon is displayed for SPA Series phones if an expansion module is selected for the phone on the User Extensions tab in the Voice window.

Workaround None needed. Symptom Assume the following call flow:. In this scenario, the PSTN phone continues to ring, and never rolls over to voice mail. Phone B disconnects after 10 seconds as expected for rollover to voice mail , but the PSTN phone keeps ringing. Symptom CCA might not configure the UC correctly if there are multiple UCs in the same customer site multisite deployment scenario.

These issues have been seen:. Workaround When working with UCs that are part of a multisite deployment, connect to only one UC at a time. You can create separate customer sites to administer each site that is part of a multisite deployment. Any changes that you make to settings that are configured through the Multisite Manager after the initial setup must be imported to the other customer sites.

The fourth call to the PSTN gets a fast busy tone and does not go through. Symptom Exception errors are displayed if several voice windows are quickly opened, one after another. Workaround Close and re-open any voice windows that launched with errors. Wait until the voice data has finished loading in one window before opening another voice window. Symptom Cisco Webex PhoneConnect applications alerts are sent at the wrong time, and can be several hours off. Workaround Perform the following steps to work around the problem:.

Symptom On a user UC that is configured with the Telephony Setup Wizard, the Cisco Configuration Assistant application shows only 48 users are supported, despite having a valid user license. In the configuration, the maximum number of supported e-phones is incorrectly reverted to Alternatively, after having set up PhoneConnect users and changed the CME locale, if WebEx PhoneConnect screens on user phones do not have the new language, do the following:.

Click OK or Apply. If the new language does not appear on the phones after performing the above actions, then do the following. Wait for the CUE restart to finish. WebEx PhoneConnect: Join before meeting start option is only available to host, not attendee.

Symptom When scheduling a non-audio WebEx Meeting Pro with an option to let attendees join x minutes before start time, alerts with the Call button x minutes before the start time are only sent to the host. Alerts for the attendees do not display a Call button until the meeting start time.

Symptom Intermittently, phone users are unable to have PhoneConnect auto-dial into the meeting. After the Call button is pressed, the phone remains on the dialing screen, and no audio is heard. Workaround To recover, the phone user must end the call manually.

Symptom If a user creates a meeting with an alternate host, then the host and the alternate host cannot both join the meeting. The first host to join the meeting is granted host privileges and the other host cannot join the meeting. Symptom When there are two Auto-Attendants configured as destinations for Many- to-One dial plans, and the pilot numbers of the two Auto-Attendants are swapped, both Many-to-One dial plans are configured with the same Auto-Attendant as the destination.

Workaround The swapping of Auto-Attendant numbers must be done in two operations. Symptom When the public key submitted for IPS Intrusion Prevention System is invalid, the error message area at the top of the screen displays the message, "Click on red items to show further details," but no details are shown "Invalid public key" should be displayed for the label. Workaround Update the public key to a valid one and retry the operation.

This issue typically occurs during when a software package is downgraded to a prior version.

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